The Photography Here

Photography has been a passion of mine since I was young. In 1976, at the age of 16, I purchased my first 35mm SLR camera (a Pentax KX) and a few lenses, later adding a second body (a K2 DMD). I was hooked. Two years later I took a job at the camera store and custom photo lab where I had purchased that equipment. I was employed there for two years, learning from some great people, before going back to school. When I first became interested in photography I was very active in vertical rock climbing, hiking and backpacking, so my photography interests mostly revolved around those activities. Nowadays, much broader photographic subjects interest me, including landscape, close-up and macro, travel, street, and environmental portraiture, to name a few.

My equipment has changed considerably over the years as well. After shooting film for many years, I have moved toward digital photography for most of my work, although I do still have some film cameras and camera backs. Since I print all of my work myself, the images must be digitized for processing and printing on quality large-format printers, so it just makes sense to start the digital part of the workflow at the time of capture. Still, my processing taste and techniques are based on the traditional wet darkroom approach and remain very conservative. My goal is to make images which relate the scene naturally, as it was when I photographed it, or perhaps as I “saw” it.

The images shown on this site were taken with Canon Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras, or a Mamiya 645 medium format camera using a Phase One digital back. Both systems are great, but I especially enjoy working with the medium format Mamiya and Phase One kit.

This Website

This website was designed and coded by me using ExpressionEngine as the framework. I have strived to keep the site W3C standards compliant using valid XHTML and CSS coding. The site has been tested on most current Mac OS browsers and Windows Internet Explorer 7+, Safari and Firefox. If you have problems using this site I would appreciate hearing from you, noting which operating system and browser you use, so that I can attempt to improve compatibility. To report a compatibility issue or if you have other comments about this site, please drop me a note.

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*** Many images have not yet been uploaded to this new site. Stay tuned, I’m uploading them as I have time.

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Purchasing Prints or Licensing Images

I offer prints of my images. All prints are made of archival materials, and printed by me. Please visit the Prints page for more detailed information.

Licensing of images is also available. Please contact me for details specific to your application.

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Pretty simple: your e-mail address (should you contact me or post a comment in the blog) and any other information, remains private and will never be shared with others. If you comment on the blog, your comments are public, but your e-mail address will remain private.