ColorChecker Passport

imageX-Rite has released a new product called the ColorChecker Passport. It’s slightly larger than the X-Rite Mini ColorChecker and includes several other patches, plus a cool new enclosure so that the pricey tool doesn’t get mangled in your gear bag. Watch the video available on the right side of the linked page for an explanation of its use and the integration with Lightroom as described by Seth Resnick. Lightroom isn’t required, but X-Rite supplies a plugin for Lightroom users.

I use the X-Rite Mini ColorChecker for certain work, which is sold for around $58, but this new offering at around $99 seems like a better choice with the additional patches and protective case.

*ColorChecker Passport image ©X-Rite

Posted on Wednesday, September 16, 2009 in Gear • (0) Comments


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